Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flipside, Flower Challenge, And a Small Congrats!

Linda, over at Flipside, posts some great photos on Wordless Wednesdays.  Well, she posts some great ones ALL the time, but, some of her WW ones have been outstanding, and frequently I take a look, and realize, I have one that is similar and have posted mine as a response.  I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays, wondering what she will offer.  I am never disappointed!

In response to her photo today of Melrose Scotland I had to dig into my memory banks. These, from our visit last summer to Mackinaw Island, Michigan, are the closest I can come.  Enjoy Linda!

By the way, congrats to Linda, she flew by 20,000 on her site reads recently.  Quite the accomplishment there Linda!

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Sanjay Maharaj said...

Very nice neat and tidy landscape

lindalee said...

Love the flowers....LOVE the house!!! Did you stay there...B&B??? And as to the 20,000 number---thanks--probably many of them are me checking the What will be do for next Wednesday, Carol???

Carol said...

You post it, I will try to mimic!

We did not stay in one of those houses, would have loved to, but, $$$$$ WOWIE!! We stayed on the main land in Tana.

Doesn't your counter allow you to turn off your own visits to your own site?? StatCounter does. Somewhere buried in the set ups! LOL