Monday, February 22, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Red Eagle (William Weatherford) and Fort Mims

Baldwin County Alabama is full of history, lots of history.  Man and I are working on visiting most, maybe even all, the historical sites here.

Baldwin County is also quite large, I think I read somewhere that it is the largest county in Alabama.  I'll fess up, that when Man and I got in Big Butt, I really did not have a handle on just  how far we were going one way.  (Shhhh, don't tell Man, I just checked and it is like 75 miles one way, GULP!)

My goal for the day was to get to William Weatherford's burial spot, in very northern Baldwin County.  Why???  Cause it was there and I wanted to see. Why???  Cause  - - -

William Weatherford, aka Red Eagle's burial place. 
His mother, Sehoy Tate Weatherford,
a Creek Nation Princess of the Wind Clan is also buried here.

You can learn more about Red Eagle here or try a good ole Google search.

After we left here, we started the trek back towards Tana and Gulf Shores, stopping at several other historical places, including Fort Mims, the site of a horrific massacre, in which over 500 people died.  You can learn more about Fort Mims here.

Above, a re-creation of the East Gate where the attack began.

As sad as this site is, Man and I enjoyed our visit, and since we knew nothing of this history, we also learned something.

After leaving Fort Mims, we wandered over to the Montgomery Hill Cemetery.  Check back tomorrow for a photo tour of the cemetery.

*Something kinda strange about Fort Mims, as soon as I walked through that East Gate and was standing on the inside, there was a peculiar odor.  Man thinks it was some preservative used on the poles of the walls.  I could not tell, but felt it was a bit bizarre and eerie.  I could not smell it close to the poles, but, could smell it when I was about 6 foot or more from the walls. 

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lindalee said...

Very interesting and educational post. I have learned something new today thanks to you and your travels. Thank you.

PalmsRV said...

Those two sites are two of a three-part cache that Jim & I placed a few years ago ( Love those sites and love Baldwin County.


Carol said...

Cathy, we have not taken up geocaching, yet. If you hide them there, you picked great spots. Fort Mims is pretty easy to find, and could be found without maps, cause of good signage. That Red Eagle burial spot was a bit more difficult, almost missed the last 2 signs.