Monday, February 8, 2010

20th Edition of Smile For The Camera, "Valentine."

The 20th Edition of Smile For The Camera challenge is "Valentine." Love is in the air, so celebrate with Smile by sharing a photograph of a Valentine; be that person or paper.  This challenge is being hosted by Shades Of The Departed

My Valentine(s) are my entire family, the entire gang.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to try a collage or mosaic, as I have never done either, and I could show everyone in the clan in one graphic.  I ended up trying both. 

Here they are, My Valentines.

Top to botom, left to right:  Son # 2, Wife of Son # 1, Son # 3, Twin L, Son# 1, Twin M, Man's Mom, Man, and Moi.

The above mosaic was done at and only took about 10 minutes. I was able to save to my hard drive or grab with a screen shot.  They even had a neato heart dotted background for the event.  Man's face got a tad cut up tho.  Ooops!

Top to bottom, left to right, Man's Mom, Man (how bout that AWWWWWWW factor??) , Son # 1, Wife of Son # 1, Son # 2, Son # 3, Twin M, Twin L, Moi.

The above collage was done at and took well over an hour. The background, Valentines stationary, (that does not show correctly) I found at   For the photos to appear right, so that a face displayed and not just the forehead, I had to pre-crop the photos. The actual loading of the photos from my hard drive to the net was quick and painless. Trouble came when I tried to save the collage. It said it saved, but, I have yet to discover WHERE it saved the collage. I did grab it via a screen shot.

I spent some time, learning curve time is always a tad painful, I think I need more practice, but I did get to show you my Valentines.

Happy Valentines Day to my very own clan.

*MIA is Son # 3's fiance'e.  I have got to get some good photos of that young lady so I can include her in the clan, as she should be.

**I used web sites that I found via a Google search.  I wanted FREE services and did not want to download a program to my computer, free or otherwise.  If you know of any sites that you have used with good result, please let me hear from you.  Oh, by the way, easy to learn and use, and intuitive are bonuses to me.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


Alice Dilts said...

Thanks for sharing your valentines and the free sites you used.

lindalee said...

Whew, I have wanted to try some scrapbooking using photo programs, but haven't. I think you may have given me the push I needed. Thanks for the information. Good work!