Thursday, February 25, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Road Kill Cafe & Spring Flowers, Elberta Alabama

Man and I have been hearing, you have to have lunch (buffet Man's FAV!!) out at the Road Kill Cafe.

We knew right where it was, because it was next door to my dentist down here, the one who fixed up that ole broken tooth I had back in November (2009).

So, today was the day, you have to be there by ohhhhh, 11ish, and they say the food is gone by noonish.  They cook "X" amount of food, and when it is gone, they close up and go home!  The eats were pretty good.  Chicken was outstanding! 

Their tshirts say something like, You kill it, we grill it!

After lunch we had a return visit to the Baldwin County Heritage Museum.  What a nice collection they have, and so well organized.  This time we went out the back door to see the school and church.  I was snapping photos and enjoying the sun and my day and the old stuff, and oh, oh, batteries on the camera, DOA.  Oh, well, Man, just looked at me and said, "guess we have to come back".  Yea!  Works for me.

But, before the battery crashed, I found some flowers:

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Alice Dilts said...

Do you know what kind of flowers they are?

Myrna said...

Those are Camellias. They are gorgeous and come in a variety of colors. They make a lovely bush with their shiny leaves. They are prolific in WA state.