Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Mardi Gras in Gulf Shores

Abundant sunshine, 32 degrees, you have to be kidding me, brrrrr.  Grabbed the winter coat, first time I have worn it, even tho that 17 degree wind chill night in January was pretty brutal for doggie runs, brrrrr.  But I left that coat in the closet, it is the principal of the thing, Gulf Shores and winter coats, should not mix, sighhh.  But, this AM, I caved, I mean, we would be standing out on the street for how long??

Man and I went to breakfast at Hazel's Nook, thanks John for the suggestion.  Delish!  Cheese grits, and the bestest scrambled eggs I have had in a LONG time.

I took 151 photos.  Here are a few samples:

Man was the designated bead grabber.  But, I did manage to snag a few on the fly myself, even with camera and gloves.  One lady threw me some and they went right over my head and settled over my neck, just perfectly!  You should have seen the expression on her face! 

The aftermath photos:

Above, Gallagher surveying the "take".

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Thomas MacEntee said...

"Oh my" (he says clutching his own Mardi Gras beads). Looks like you and I should have a "bead off" later today. I haven't displayed my haul yet.

Terri said...

Carol - You might want to put on a back brace with all those beads around your neck! LOL!!! Looks you're having a great time!

Carol said...

True enough Terri! LOL Thomas, I am waiting for a photo!

Nita said...

Fantastic photos, Carol!! Sorry it was so cold, though! Looks like you got the same amount of beads as we did at our parade! The grandkids will have a ball!!

lindalee said...

I'm envious. Never been to mardi gras. About those beads....I was told to get them you had to bare your breasts....no wonder you were cold....lol

Carol said...

Linda, that is in New Orleans! LOL

I did hear that someone "mooned" one of the guys on the float from the campground. They were tossing out MOON pies. So, she mooned him! Hear say is she was wearing tights under her skirt! LOL Not sure it counts if you moon with tights on!

Ron and Thelma said...

Carol We were there and got a bunch and then went to Orange beach and got some more and then to the boat parade and got a few more.