Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gramma's Braggin' Time

Bear with me, I know it can be painful!  LOL  But, it is Gramma braggin' time.

Some of you may remember back in December I had a hair cut.  It turned out to be more like a wacking, and I lost quite a bit more than I anticipated, but the cause was good, so, I'll contain my angst.

And, as some of you know, Man and I are seam busting proud grandparents to L & M, twins, daughters of Son # 1 and  his fantastic wife.

(I warned ya, BRAGGIN' time.  LOL)

The day I had my hair cut, one of the girls, M, also had her hair cut, 13 inches give or take, also donated to Locks of Love

Above, The Cut

Her recognition certificate.
(Gramma edited out her name and
put in that "One of Gramma's Twins" stuff.)

Yep, Gramma and Grampa are very proud of M.

But, what of L??  She did not have her hair cut this day. She was not ready.  I cannot tell you how exceedingly proud I am of L for NOT having her hair cut.  Say what??  Well, they are twins.  Twins do have a tendency to do pretty much the same thing.  At times it can be difficult getting them to be an "individual" and not part of a "twin team".  It has been difficult for L many times to do her own thing.  She wanted to do exactly what twin sister M did. The fact that L stood her ground and skippped the hair cut means as much to us as her donation would have.

So, Gramma and Grampa stand up and CLAP CLAP CLAP for M for donating, and L for NOT!

Love ya Ladies!

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.



Joan said...

You are a good gramma! Bragging is not only permissible, but encouraged!!

Karen said...

CLAP!!! CLAP!!! CLAP!!! CLAP!!! I commend her as well, that's just great! Looks like her hair was SUPER long!

Myrna said...

Carol you bring tears to my eyes. Congrats on being a special Gramma and for loving them individually and as a team. What lucky kids to have a cheering team like you and Al.

Nita said...

From one Grandma to another, of course you can brag! It's just so sweet of her and good for the other one for being herself and doing her own thing! Sounds like two lovely young ladies to me! Grandmas have bragging rights!

Greta Koehl said...

Hooray for L&M! You have every reason to brag!

TennLady said...

Good for both of them. They are becoming their own people. Now us non gramma's can tell them apart.