Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Rock Cemetery, Robertsdale, Baldwin County, Alabama

The other afternoon Man and I needed a break and so we went to lunch and then went for a ride, ending up over east of Robertsdale here in Baldwin County.  There are three cemeteries there, all in one big block, Rock Cemetery, Baldwin Memorial Cemetery and Hail Cemetery.  I found these three stones and believe they tell an interesting story without too much explanation from Moi. They were in the Rock Cemetery.

In Memory of
Joseph Brewton
Born March 7, 1819
Died July 3, 1867

In Memory of
Charlotte Brewton
Wife of
Joseph Brewton
Born July 17, 1826
Died July 7, 1888

Rock Cemetery can be found at Find A Grave.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


Joan said...

Taking a break so often leads to such interesting things! Thanks for sharing a bit of your travels and meanderings.

hummer said...

Wonder why they moved the graves....Makes you want to look them up...Interesting

Carol said...

Since I have been busy with other stuff I had not considered looking them up. So I surfed over to Ancestry and it only took a few minutes to find a number of entries on the Public Trees for Joseph and Charlotte. With NO other research, no verification, it would appear that She was Charlotte Holland before marriage. Both Joseph and Charlotte were born in Alabama and they were married there as well. They had one son Simon.

Why they moved the graves?? Not a clue.

As far as meandering Joan, was not meandering that day, I was moving as fast as I could, it was a bit brisk, ok, it was cold.