Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Is Official Now - -

For my friends and family that are living in the northern climes and are cleaning 4 to 48 inches of snow out of your lives, forgive me for this sad sad sad photo and for what I am about to post.

This is the cover on the back of Big Butt, Man's truck. Photo is awful!  Horrid!  Substandard!

Most of what you see are drops of moisture, melted snow/sleet thingys.  Those white little balls you see, (there is one in the middle about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom), those are the little snow/sleet thingys BEFORE they melt.  You can see a few more in that horrible photo.  They are VERY VERY SMALL!!  Probably the size of pencil lead.

So, it is official now, Man, Moi, Big Butt, Tana, Chantilly, Gallagher, Captain Hook and oh, cannot forget, Keakyfht traveled 1000 miles away from the nothern chilly climes to see sleet!  OK, tain't much yet, but officially it is sleet!

They say, maybe an inch of snow by noon tomorrow.  Geeshh.

*I now will go off in a corner and laugh till I cry!  I hope you will laugh with me.  Gosh, I love dark tongue-in-cheek humor!  OK, it may be a poor attempt, but, I tried!

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TennLady said...

I hear ya. We still have a little snow on the ground here.

lindalee said...

So sorry.....bummer.

Greta Koehl said...

Oh, dear. Hope there's nothing slippery where you are. (I got to spend today shoveling out. Fun.)

Joan said...

Carol, Carol, Carol,
me thinks you might have a tad mean streak in you --- what with taunting the 18"-48"-snow shovelers.

Keep dry and out of the sleet-thingys.

Carol said...

TennLady, Little?? how much??

Linda, thanks, ya, tis a bummer.

Greta, So far it is not slippery as it is 39 and it is now raining, I believe they expect the real fun to happen after midnight. It cannot stick long, the ground is warm, oh, it is wet and soggy, STILL, but it is warm.

Joan, Nope, no mean streak, I was really afraid they might be mad at me for posting such silliness. Keep dry, here, this winter, NOT possible. SIGHHHHH Something like 24 inches of rain in Dec Jan and so far in Feb.

Larry & April said...

Well, you bum! You just had to rub it in, didn't you?
We just, today, had our driveway plowed for the first time in 10 years!!!!
My weighted-down, 4-wheel drive F150 was beginning to slip off the driveway because the snow was so deep it wouldn't steer correctly.
So - - - I'm sorry to hear you are in the "snow belt" - LOL.