Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dryer sheets, RV & Yorkie style

Use 1: Place dryer sheets in all drawers and closets and storage areas of your RV. Theory, to keep mice out. Results, questionable, but, leaves a nice aroma.

Use 2: Use dryer sheets, wet, to assist in cleaning the nose cone of your RV. Theory, after a day of traveling when you have bug guts splattered all over that nose cone, this is supposed to get 'em off right easy like. Results, Man was not convinced and has abandoned the effort.

Use 3: Use dryer sheet to calm down yorkies who are traumatized by rain drops (with or without noise from thunder). Theory, supposed to take the static out of coat/hair of dog, which someone (no, I don't remember who) said really worked. I thought, ya, right. Results, actually better than I thought, stops much of the shaking and panting. Saves mom, err, Moi, from all the drool from said panting.

And, WHY did I post this? Cause I was up in the middle of the night rubbing down a yorkie. Results, excellent, he settled right down and we were all able to get some sleep!

Now, aren't you glad you read my blog today??


TennLady said...

Absolutely amazes me that it works.

Chuck said...

We try to "dryer sheet" Dayzee when it seems like the weather is going to change (a pressure drop which usually means a rain/storm is coming). If done early enough, Dayzee is just mildly bothered (and she doesn't bother us much). If the rain/storm has started, then it helps a little, but what works best is me falling asleep to the TV downstairs with Dayzee sitting at my side.