Saturday, June 27, 2009

Double the fun, what we did yesterday

Our day started out with a little sunbathing time with the yorkies.

(From the top, Gallagher, L, Captain Hook, M, and Tilly, full names for the yorkies, initials for the twins.)

Next we helped Gramma and Grampa with yard work. We learned about putting egg shells down to keep grubs off Gramma's flowers. Then Grampa cut down a WHOLE LOT of limbs off some trees, and we helped him load the tractor wagon. We filled 4 wagons full of limbs. WOW, we sure worked hard!

It really felt good to go to the beach after all that hard work! We had a good time, and swam for over an hour.

What a nice surprise when Grampa took us out for pizza after our swim.

Thanks Grampa!!


TennLady said...

Are you worn out yet?

Carol said...

Not too bad, but, Saturday nearly did us ALL in!