Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cemetery stomping, check list

For today's cemetery stomp, I packed:

  • Hat
  • Coffee (we started early cause it was hot, I needed MORE of this item)
  • Cooler packed with several bottles of water and power bars, water cause of the heat, and power bars in there so they would not melt, did I say it was HOT??)
  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Sun screen
  • 4 pair of shoes (can you believe it, one pair I had on, but would never do for stomping, one pair were for the wet grass and 2 pair were cause I need to change my shoes several times a day, I really only needed one pair of those 2, have no idea why I grabbed 2, ohhhh, go back to that coffee, ya, the gray matter was in need of more octane, errr caffeine.
  • Clipboard and writing sticks
  • Cemetery records

Even with the heat we got a few sections of this large cemetery done, hope to do more next week, keep this check list handy.

*We do not clean stones, so do not need any gear for that.

**This is a re-walk, so, no need for materials for rubbings either.

*** Thanks Mary for all the work you are doing on this and other cemeteries here in Lenawee.

****Moi thinks she needs a nap!


TennLady said...

You need to change shoes why?

Carol said...

Health issues. SIGHHH