Monday, June 22, 2009

This 'n That, how Moi spends her time lately

Trimming bushes and weeding.

Cleaning windows.


A little research, a little input, linking those 145 scans I did a few weeks ago to help Wife of Son# 1 for 40th birthday slide show for Son # 1

Sweeping, scrubbing floors.

A little more input, have LOTS of that I could do.

Messing up my office, AGAIN.

Cemetery stomping, sun burns, bug bites, history, giving back, good stuff.

Family time, the best thing ON this list.

Deck time. As much as I can schedule in.

Combo times: Deck time, family time, input and linking time. Ya, that works! Add a glass of wine and some yummy munchies, that works even better!

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