Friday, June 12, 2009

Letter from Dad, in rememberance

Happy Birthday Dad, it would have been number 83. WOW.

My Dad was, well, interesting! He was, eccentric, professed to fully believe in the phrase, "He Who Dies With the Most Toys, Wins". Goodness he even had a plaque on his desk stating same.

He taught me ethics and manners, he was a child of the South, those things were important.

Dad wrote letters now and then, I have a few, very few, I think they told us a lot about him. He did not write and say, I'll be along for a visit next month, no, he wrote letters like this one, addressed to Man, Brother, Brother's Wife, and Moi, 1985. I have changed the names out to the above monikers.

"Moi, Man, Brother, Brother's Wife:
Now have the MOONEY running real good. This has caused money to run real bad. Is there no happy medium?
To Moi.: I believe you have missed a calling. How much does the camping club pay you?
To Man: Keep shirt on. Non compis mentis. (Don't let the Bastards get you down.)
To Brother's Wife: Are you certain you know what the hell you are doing?
To Brother: Whoever is responsible for the computer program that graphics the best wishes has a winner. Is there a program available for the I.B.M.? If so I would like to get one.
To the diligent parents: Emulate me. Avenge Yourself. Live long enough to be a problem to your children.
To the children: Remember that old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.
I expect to try and bust out of town for a short visit to Michigan sometime in July. Having difficulty finding adequate co-pilot that conforms to other parameters. The plane trims better with the right chair properly balanced.
Connie quit. Except for 2 days per month. She is in love. You may have deduced. I am typing this. Bought a new program named TYPEWRITER. And to make things worse I don't really know how to make PFS WRITE percolate yet. Oh well.
Do not want Michigan co-pilot. Red neck controllers do not understand them because they talk funny on the radio.
See ya all in the spring.

Dad and the Mooney:

Dad's memorial at Find A Grave is here.

Happy Birthday Dad, I miss getting those letters.

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