Saturday, June 6, 2009

Full moon?? Pretty, but - - -

Full moon last night, pretty thing. After being out and about this last week, running errands, driving, have to wonder about that rumor that it has affects on people.

Observations from behind the wheel of my car, seemed like they were all saying, or thinking, or acting out:

"Me, me, me. "

"Mine, mine, mine. "

"Me first, me first, me first."

"Cause I can, cause I want to, just cause."

"Get outta my way, I am in a hurry, I don't care if you are exceeding the speed limit, you are not moving fast enough ole lady!"

"I want THIS lane, even if technically it is YOUR lane."

Well, I am sure, you get the idea.

Geeshhhh, everyone was acting as if they were the only ones with some reason to be on the road, driving a car, and of course, talking on the cell phone as they pass me in a no passing zone, up a hill, on a 2 lane 55 MPH US highway. I was driving 57 MPH in that 55MPH zone.

"Me, me, me."

It really is the me generation, eh??

OKKK, lets just blame it on the full moon, then none of us have to take responsibility for driving like maniacs!

*Enough tongue in cheek and black humor, now back to our regular scheduled blogs - - - -

1 comment:

Karen said...

You mean Michigan drivers can actually drive worse than they already do???