Thursday, June 18, 2009

Color of a different sort

In many of our discussions, the WO's chat about "Color" in our data bases. One of us, or all of us, collectively, came up with that terminology to describe facts, stories, photos, anything that adds to the data base over and above date and place of births, marriages, deaths and burials. We have chatted about it so much I don't think we remember who coined the term, and if we mention color, we all know what we are talking about. Several of us have given talks about color. We sure do love our color.

So, what would you consider to be color?? Here are two samples from my data base.

When my Dad found this in some of my Grandmother's possessions in 1986 he wrote on the note accompanying it: "Look what 3 cents could do in 1948"

This craft project was found hanging on the wall in my grandmother's room at the nursing home. The nurses told me it was the last craft project she was ever able to do, she died at age 91. I really have no idea when she painted this, or how much she really did, but it hangs in my office and this photo of it has been added to my data base, when I view it, I smile.

Come back and visit soon, I have some more interesting samples of different kinds of "Color" to share.

*Yaa, that birth announcement was for MOI.

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