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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ancestor Birthday Celebrations, Hezekiah Bowen

Hezekiah Bowen, born June 19, 1834, Bulloch County Georgia, died October 1, 1908 in Wayne County, Georgia. He married Martha Ann Sikes on February 15, 1857, we believe in Bryan County, Georgia. Hezekiah was the son of Hezekiah Bowen and Phareaby (Fereby) Fitzpatrick. He was the 3rd son and the 4th child born (that we have records of).

Hezekiah was a member of the Baptist Church, both in Bulloch County and Wayne County, where he had moved in 1895. He is buried at the Bethesda Primitive Baptist Church, Madray Springs, Wayne County, Georgia. His headstone is the only photo I have for Hezekiah.

Hezekiah served in Company K of the 54th Georgia Infantry during the War of the Rebellion. His compiled service record only has 7 pages. Hezekiah is not listed on the Amnesty Papers of Georgia. As far as I can determine (after two serious searches of the records), Hezekiah never applied for a pension from the state of Georgia for his service.

Hezekiah and Martha had 11 children, Matthew (AKA Math), America, Samuel J., Catharine, Fereby, Nathaniel, Joseph Eugene, Lela Rebecca, Harly, William Ashley and John Chester.

Hezekiah was a farmer for most of his life, but according to another family member, he did work as a laborer gathering turpentine for Richard J. Madray when he lived in Wayne County, Georgia.

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Anonymous said...

Hello...very interesting. I love reading your blog and your writings. Hugs, Patty

N. Luree Bowen said...

Hezekiah Bowen was my g grandfater. Samuel J. Bowen was born in 1860 in Bulloch County a couple of miles from Poplar Springs Baptist Church (founded 1853 and locatd NE of Portal)where he attended church and he is buried there in the Bowen area along with my mother (Aleatha Sparks Bowen) and my dad (James Mathew Bowen, Sr.) along with two of my siblings (Max J Bowen and an unamed sister that died at birth), my grandfather Samuel J. Bowen, his two wives, and several of their children. I drive from Statesboro on Sunday and Wednesday to attend church there and I will be buried there in a different Bowen location set aside for my brothers, their spouses, and me.

Thanks for this great information. Very recently several of my family members went down to photograph g grandpa's grave.

Take care . . . and lady, you do a great job!!!

N. Luree Bowen (divorced and went back to maiden name).