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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: San Juan Bautista State Historic Park

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April 11, 2013

In conjunction with the Old Mission San Juan Bautista there is a State Historical Park.  The state park contains four main historic museums: the Plaza Hotel, the Zanetta House/Plaza Hall, the Plaza Stables, the Castro-Breen Adobe, as well as a blacksmith shop, the historic jail, and an early American settler’s cabin.   We did not visit the Castro-Breen Adobe building, but, managed to see most of the rest.

This is "Vicky's Cottage.  Originally it was the Wells Fargo office, during the 1870's it was a dress shop, next it became a house for employees for the Zanetta Hotel.  In 1933 Victoria Zanetta moved in here after she sold the hotel to the state park system.  She lived here until her death in 1950.

Behind the Plaza Hall building there are a number of displays in the stables, the collection is extensive!  Including, yes, indeed, the beer wagon!

I had no idea there were so many different shapes and sizes of horse and/or oxen shoes.

Buckets all lined up for fighting fires.  Love the colors in this one.

Man and HoboBob inspected all the mechanical stuff, as well as how buildings were put together.  They solved many problems during the day.

In side the Plaza Hotel/Hall there were more very nice displays, love this bedroom and that shawl.  Oh, my!

Children's room, filled with toys, games, dolls, beds, and would you look at that stove?  WANT!

And, then, there is this DESK!  I have never seen one quite like it.  Wouldn't it make a great genie desk? Drawers and crankies everywhere, EVEN, under the desk top.  And, it all folds up for traveling??  Hmmm, Man, would this fit in Tana??  JUST KIDDIN!

High on a far wall in one of the rooms I spied this frame.  Inside, I believe is Victorian hair art.  While researching for this post, I discovered there is a Hair Museum in Independence Missouri, who knew? From the web site I learned that "Families build their hair wreaths in a horseshoe shape so that more could be added as the family grew."  Well, this is in the shape of a horseshoe - -

(Oh, and while you are snooping around Lelia's web site, be sure to click on the Gallery tab!)

And, thanks to Sony Too, a close up.  Top left, sure looks like hair to me!

The settler's cabin.

The Visitors center also has a nice collection of artifacts, some of which I will share with you next time.


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