Monday, June 3, 2013

The Sunken Boat, Gold Beach Oregon

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**NOTE:  this post is presented out of order of THE Trip, THE Encore'.  I had so much fun with this, I just could not wait to post it.  Soon we shall return to mid California, I have many more wonderful things to share with you.  You know what they say, stay tuned!**

Here in Gold Beach Oregon there is a sunken boat.  I saw her as we crossed the 101 bridge, and of course, I had to go back and get a photo or two or - -

I wanted to play with the photos and my photo editing program.  I had seen paintings of the boat in some of the local businesses.  So, I knew she was popular.  Little did I know I had happened upon the Mary D. Hume.  A quick net search and soon I was reading this Wikipedia page.  I won't ruin your read, but, she was built in 1881 and sunk in 1985.  She is  is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here is the photo straight out of Sony Too:

And, here are photos I tweaked, note, I started each new effect with the original, only one effect per image, except the last image presented here.

First "film grain" applied:

Now, "dry brush":

"Diffuse glow":

Now, let's see if I can remember all the steps on this one, first converted to black and white, then I believe there was something called "highlight" applied, then "film grain" and then I added a bit of yellow:

Do you have a favorite??


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Sharon Kay said...

I love the dry brush one the best...but they are all interesting in their own way. You are definitely an artist with that camera!