Sunday, June 23, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Ride to Half Moon Bay California

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April 12, 2013,  RVing friends HoboBob and Mina volunteered to show us Half Moon Bay and the sights.  What a great way to spend the day, sightseeing and friends, we're IN!

Crops of all types are grown in the area (miles and miles and MILES of crops).  The following two photos show some crops, before and after the sun screens go up.

This area of coastline differs from the Morro Bay to Big Sur section.  Here the cliffs are a bit more moderate.  What was particularly interesting was that there were fields, crops and herds of cattle from the roadway to the water, most every other place we saw along the coast in California and Oregon there are parks, houses, businesses, pull offs and such, but, very few farmer fields and fields of cattle.

Beaches, waves, sea mist, sand, hills, the highway.  Delightful driving.  This is, by the way, Highway 1.

You can see that sometimes the roadway is very close to the edge of the water.

We stopped for lunch in Half Moon Bay at the Miramar Beach Restaurant.  There is a brand spanking new marker outside the restaurant, you must see, you should read, are you smiling yet??

Our view from our table was of Pillar Point Air Force Station.  We, sadly, did not have the time to drive over and investigate, our personal/travel bucket list grew.

On the way back to camp we stopped at the pulloffs, they are so much easier to access going south!  LOL

San Gregorio State Beach.  Seagulls to entertain, flowers, fence, waves, sand, and a kite.  Yep, works for me!

We  stopped at the charming town of Pescadero for coffee and a walk around.

Back on 1 heading south, I particularly liked how there were so many protrusions, peninsulas in this area.  Yes, more sea mist!

This is the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

First photo taken on the drive north.

Next 2 photos, taken at the park.  It was windy, it was coolish, it was W*I*N*D*Y!!  I charged around, took some photos, and quickly retreated back to the truck.

We enjoyed our day trip with friends HoboBob and Mina.  They are terrific guides.  Thanks so much!


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Barbara Poole said...

Glad you got to see this area with your good friends. My sister and I once camped at Half Moon Bay. Thanks for bringing back the memories of long ago.