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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Stalled For A Bit, Report From June 20th and 21st Happenings, THE KUDOS!!

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The next two days of "Stalled", went sorta like this:

(As stated before:  If you are a Facebook friend, you may have already read this.  If you don't want to read all this again, I understand.  You may want to look at the photos tho. Or, not!  LOL  I get it.  So for those of you who are NOT reading Facebook, here is what you missed over the last few days.  Yes, there are multiple postings each day. Photos are captioned.)

June 20th (Posted over the entire day.)

Coffee brewing, no comments yet on how well we slept, mixed results there. SIGH

Man is on the phone already.

We have had several of our dear MOC friends contact us and are anxious to speak with Man on the phone. Dear ones, hold those thoughts. We cannot tell you how much this means to us, just knowing you are out there for us. WOOT!!

So, time for coffee and figuring this out. If we are quiet, we are working.

Thanks to you all for the great ideas and prayers and hanging in there with us.

Even tho at the moment we are a bit down at the mouth, one thing we both have is great bundles of tenacity.


June 20th

Order of the day:

Coffee, almost done.

Packemup, started with vengeance.

Slides in, some concern there.

Breakfast for fortification.

Load Tana on to Jolly (ok, this one stresses us both a bit).

Appointment set up for fixemup.

If you like or do positive thinking, and you have a bit to spare.



June 20th

Slides in, no issues. No it was not a hurricane, it was the sighs of relief. Next up food fortifications.


June 20th

Breathing. Hitched. Nope not another hurricane. Just my huge sighs of relief. And may I say, rather proud of me. I nailed the back in. Best in weeks. Could not have happened at a better time.

Next? Thinking. Ohhh here is photo of cribbing required.

Cribbing required to get Tana hitched up to Jolly when your landing leg is nonfunctional and MIA.


June 20th

We r rolling. Connectivity shaky. Later. Keeping positive thought.


June 20th

Arrived repair. All over Tana like bees on honey? She will be blushing with all this attention. LOL

They are even looking at the other side. Impressed.

Still working. Replacing parts. Welder came out. Fix it up.


June 20th

Fixed. Rolling.


June 20th

Test. Gonna unhook.


June 20th

HAHA, the short?? version.

This AM Man called Venture, the landing leg manufacturer back, told them we had problems. Before we could blink an eye they had us a place to go to get a repair. Near Portland.

As those of you who were following on FB today know, we got the slides in, went to breakfast, then came back and jacked the front of the trailer up with the assistance of a LOT of lumber and a 6 ton bottle jack. It was TENSE.

Several hours later after a TOTALLY delightful run cross the mountains on 26 and 47 we arrived at the repair facility and they were ALL over Tana before we had barely stopped rolling. Tana must be still blushing. She is such a slut!

Within minutes of pulling into the repair facility, workers all over Tana,
investigating, problem solving.
The basic issue was determined to be that there were some bent parts (nothing we did) on the frame that needed some reinforcement. And, of course, the new parts that we put on yesterday, were damaged in the fall/fail. Tana's bent parts kept us from being able to do a easy normal install.   Oooops.

This U shaped bracket was a part of the problem, it is bent.
The repair facility replaced it by welding in a new bracket.

Tana is feeling pretty special, all these dudes fussing over her:
welding, fixing, replacing parts.

They put on a bunch of new parts, reinforced a bunch of other stuff and we now have faith in that landing leg once more! WOOT!

We do have a small issue, in that the new motor works faster than the old motor on the other side of Tana. Tooooo complicated to explain. Man will go back over there tomorrow and have a chat with them. We expressed concern about this when they installed the new gear box and motor.

In the scheme of things we are RELIEVED and HAPPY.


June 20th

Before I go sit and go into a zone - -


I may not have acknowledged your remarks or likes.

But, I read them, and appreciate them.

You are the best.

Said before, saying again

Just where would we be without ALL of you!!

THANKS!! Ditto, Thanks again.


June 21st


Now, time for coffee.


Super kudos to:

Venture Manufacturing, on many counts.  Shipped the correct parts.  When we had fail they were extremely polite and helpful finding a repair facility to send us to RIGHT NOW!  Man could not have been on the phone more than 20 minutes.  Excellent!

Zieman Manufacturing, now Lippert.  McMannville, Oregon.  Now, Man and I are not newbies to repair facilities.  We have spent a few hours (ok, a few days, ok, more than a week total) in such facilities.  We have always been treated with kindness and professionalism.  This facility took that kindness and professionalism to new heights.  Every single person we came into contact with, on the phone, or in person, was simply:  MARVELOUS!  They worked hard, efficiently.  Seriously, there are NOT ENOUGH nice words to say about the people working at this facility.  From the lovely lady that answered my phone call, to the General Manager, Mike, to his qualified workers, ALL the employees we encountered, WELL DONE!!

Super thanks to Venture and to (Zieman) Lippert.

   and Man!!


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Pat Everling said...

This ia a very interesting blog you have and many beautiful pictures for our viewing pleasure. I'm very glad things worked out for you and you were able to continue on your quest.

Patty from Venture :)