Monday, June 10, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Watching California Kite And Sail Surfers With Sony Too

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Surfing is probably boring stuff to all my west coast friends, but, it is interesting to me.  Actually what is interesting is the chase with Sony Too. Can I get good photos, close ups, zoom, jumping, catching the waves?  Here are some photos of the chase, taken on two different days in two different locations south of San Francisco.  Mixed together, just for fun.

This one was edited/cropped a bit to bring the surfers closer:

No cropping, just a lot of zoom:

Sail surfer, no cropping, more zoom!

Kite Surfer.  Cropped, to bring the surfer in closer,  YEP, caught him in the air:

Not cropped, leaning a bit, well, leaning a lot if you ask me, turning.

Not cropped, and yes, it is a gal.  Believe she and her dad came out and surfed together.

Not cropped, same gal, leaning back, almost laying down prior to take off.

Not cropped, same gal, going out, some dude coming back in.

Not cropped:

Not cropped, heading for the water.

Not cropped. Get the kite flying:

Not cropped.  Lean back, hold on to those ropes, that wind will take you with it, believe me!

Not cropped.  Look at the size of that wave.  He still needs to get ON the water.

Not cropped, sitting down, and in seconds he will pop up and be surfing.

I spent some pleasurable moments (minutes) taking photos of the kite surfers and sail surfers.  I think Sony Too did fine considering how far away we were, the bright glaring sunshine, and the fact that I was hand holding Sony Too.  As I look at these photos I am struck at the strength of the surfers, the wind, the waves.

So, who wants to try kite and/or sail surf?  I cannot say the water is fine, well, because it is  C--O--L--D.  And, mmm, no, I will not join you.  After watching these fine athletes manhandling these kites and sails into submission, I have no doubt I am not trying this. They are amazing.  I stand in awe.


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irisheyes jennifer said...

Beautiful shots!! Looks like the surfers are having a blast. I like the crests of white water, the way the sun glistens on the surface, and all the shades of blue. Brrr, as you've said, it looks cold too!