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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose Californa

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April 13, 2013

A huge change from the ocean and Highway 1, today we will visit The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose with RVing friends HoboBob and Mina.

The museum has 3 levels of displays and learning opportunities.  You can read more about their Mission, Vision and Core Values here:  "Our mission is to inspire the innovator in everyone."

There are, of course, robots, blocks and spelling games.

How electric is this guy??  Well, his hair anyway.

And, this, is:   DNA!!  Or a representation of DNA.

See, DNA, made out of books:

Look at some of the titles, "California" "Heritage" (some of the title), More "Joys of Jello", "Cooking of Scandinavia".  Classic stuff, eh?  I adore the humorous approach to the titles chosen.

There were a number of displays set up to discuss and explore DNA.  Since I have not begun any DNA type of research for my family history I have very little understanding of DNA.  I still don't.  But, I was impressed!

The results of a thermal camera projecting to a wall.  I also took a selfie, it is here.  (A selfie = self portrait.)

There was a interesting display titled, "Explorer's Hands"  You could touch the hands that touched a discovery.  This for instance, is the hand of Jean-Luc Picard, Star Fleet Captain.  (from the signage)

"Jean-Luc Picard graduated from Star Fleet Academy at the top of his class. Later, as captain of the Federation's flagship, Enterprise, it was his continuing mission to "seek out new life and new civilizatoins and to boldly go where no one has gone before."

How cool is that??

Yea, it is the hand of actor Patrick Stewart, who played Jean-Luc Picard for 7 seasons.

Some of the other displays covered silicon valley, computers, health and  biotech, energy, space, earthquakes, and so much more.  Man and I could have spent days in this museum.  We felt like kids at a Children's Hands On Museum.  If you are in the area, it is surely worth a visit, or two, or three.


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