Friday, June 7, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Old Creek Road Near Cayucos California, Hills and Dales for Man

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April 7, 2013

After our visit to Cambria and the San Simeon Park and Moonstone Beach areas, we headed back to Morro Bay, but, got sidetracked along the way by the Old Creek Road.

Anything that indicates scenic route draws us in.  So, we turned north on Old Creek Road drove to 46, turned west back to 1 and then southerly, back to Morro Bay (which does not show on this map).  We climbed to well over 1700 feet, the road was narrow at times, twisty, and gave us an idea of living near the left coast but not on the left coast.  All these photos were taken from Jolly while rolling.

Signs like this are meant for Man and Jolly!

Some California poppies growing on a  hill side for Carol.

Wordless, stunning:

Sea mist hanging over the tops of the hills and dales:

Hard to believe that just a few miles from here we will be on the left coast again, crashing waves, water, the Pacific Ocean.

Just before we arrived back in Morro Bay we find wind surfers, and I caught this surfer "out of the water" and flying a bit.


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