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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Cayucos California Area, Beaches, Beaches, Ahh, the Beaches

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April 8, 2013

Our last day in the Morro Bay area, soon we will start treking north, VERY slowly, but, north.  We will haunt 1 and 101 north all the way into Oregon and maybe beyond, except we do make a bit of a zig zag turn to Yosemite, a delightful zig zag.

We were in a laid back type of mode this day, so we drove to the Morro Strand State Park (South and North) and then into Cayucos.  We just wandered around and upon review of the photos I discovered a rather eclectic collection of photos and a number of wind surfer photos.  First the eclectic ones, in order they were taken, a little of this and a little of that.

How bout sharing a campsite with this magnificent creature?

This is what can happen when I, squat down to take a photo in the bright sun and not use the view finder.  Discover later that I like the photo except for this HORRIBLE tilt.  Correct in editing program by rotating the image a BUNCH, and then discover that to crop out all the white stuff would reduce the photo to almost nothing, so, crop a little and then, share!  LOL  Funky, eh?  Let's pretend I knew what I was doing and call it art!


If you figure this out, let me know.  Beach art.

Rock, ocean, splash and a seagull riding low in the wind.

In town of Cayucos, this is called "The Great Communicators", by Dale Joseph Evers, plaque inscribed "In loving memory of my Dad, Ellis W. Evers".

The captain seems to be missing his hook?

Another splash at that same rock, from a different angle, different set of waves, different effect.

At the end of our day we wandered one more time to the beach by the campground for one last look at Morro Rock.  It was seriously windy, the sand cutting our skin.  We did not stay long and I kept Sony Too under my sweatshirt for the most part, cannot have sand in the moving parts.

Our last view of Morro Rock and the blowing sand.


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