Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why THE Trip THE Encore' Posts Are Soooooo Far Behind

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I know some of you would love to see what Man and I do today, well, today!  I would LOVE to share what we did today, well, today or even tomorrow, tomorrow would be great.  Trouble is, well, see, sometimes I run outta energy and sometimes I need to rest. So here are just a few of the reasons, I am almost 2 months behind on THE Trip, THE Encore' posts.

(As you start to read, note the wink, as some of this, well, most of this, was written with just a touch of silliness with a side of serious.)

Most blog posts I write take 2 to 10 hours each to create.  I review the outrageous number of photos I take.  I do this as many times as it takes to make sense and tell the story.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

Each and every photo is edited, some for size and others are cropped, auto corrected, contrasted and brightness corrected. Each photo is then saved to my hard drive, eventually uploaded to Picasa and then into the blog editing page.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

I frequently research and/or refer to my brochures while writing so I can add a few tidbits of info here and there, if you don't follow the links on my posts you could be missing some interesting stuff that I took time to find for ya. No, I cannot copy/paste all that stuff into the blog, it is called copyright, and they hold it, but I can and do link to it.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

The fur kids demand a certain amount of time and energy. Feeding, grooming, potty stops, clean up, hugging and enjoying while they are still with us.  It takes a bunch of time to run a yorkie nursing home.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

Computer management, downloading files, backing up twice a month, I spend a considerable hunk of time just doing computer maintenance and management.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

Some days Man and I are out sightseeing 6 to 12 hours a day.  Six tires us out. Twelve is called pure exhaustion.   Some days we move 40 miles to a new campground. Some days we move 300.  We average 50 miles per hour distance traveled most days, so a 300 mile trip should take 6 hours, why it takes 7 or more is beyond me.  And, 40 miles on some roads, well, 2 hours and that is without camera stops. Then there is the time for packemup and setemup. Whew, where did the day go?

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

We still have domestic chores to take care of. And shop. And life. And time to read my forums and play on social media and eat a meal or two (and sometimes even cook one). Today we spent some time getting Jolly a computer tune up, flash for transmission and some other things that Dodge felt would improve Jolly's performance.   The other day Man did some fixes to the Splendide. Now I can do more laundry.

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.

 And some times I just want to watch Dancing With the Stars. Just when does the next season start?

Forgive me, sometimes I need to rest.  And, sometimes I only have the energy for silly stuff like this entire post.  Partially silly, a lot true.  And, now back to our regular ole posts from Reflections, well, after I rest - -


(The Carol signature is broke, and I am too tired to try to figure it out.  Really, would I kid you??)

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** I think I finally figured it all out, I am trying to pack 36 hours worth of work into every 24 hours of real time.  NOW, I understand why sometimes I need to rest!


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