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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Stalled For A Bit, Report From June 18th and 19th Happenings

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June 17th, 2013, I posted Stalled For A Bit.  Now, I will catch you up on the "doings".  And, they were SOME doings, let me tell you.

If you are a Facebook friend, you may have already read this.  If you don't want to read all this again, I understand.  You may want to look at the photos tho. Or, not!  LOL  I get it.  So for those of you who are NOT reading Facebook, here is what you missed over the last few days.  Yes, there are multiple postings each day. Photos are captioned.


June 18

Landing leg current somewhere in Louisville, KY.


June 18th


Landing leg is now in Portland Oregon! WOOT!

(Still praying it is the correct parts)


June 19th,  (Posted over at least 8 hours)

Hopefully tomorrow we shall receive landing leg parts. Hopefully, the correct ones.

June 19th

Part delivered, holding collective breath, is it the correct part??

Part from Venture Manufacturing.
Still holding, waiting for Man to tell me parts are correct ones. OH, heckie, gonna be brave and go ask him! LOL



And, now, Carol must scurry and pick up a bunch of stuff, the slides must come in.


June 19th

Man is prepping. Carol is prepping. The plants have taken up residence once more in their travel boxes.

Man wants lunch,

The nerve - -



June 19th

Ya, I made him lunch, sorta. Ya know, you would think a hair cut would be enough for the day, but, NOOOOO

I am NOT serious! LOL

He eats, he fixes Tana's leg. Good stuff.

Dismantling the bad jammed up leg.
Out it comes, love that slant don't you?
June 19th

Old leg



June 19th

New leg installed.

In goes the new leg.  So far, so good.
And, it moves up and down! Sans load it moves.

Next test, will it move under a load?


June 19th

More tweaking. Load test, temporary fail.


June 19th

Still no joy.

Let's say, someone is not happy right now.

I dare not say more. SIGH

See that bolt that is only partially in??  This would prove to be the area of the bottom line "issue".

June 19th


Back to holding breath and crossing fingers and toes and eyes.

June 19th

She whispers, hesitantly,

(we have liftoff)


June 19th

Total FAIL. New leg just basically collapsed.

Plan Panic time yet??

Was NOT on the truck, we thought it was fixed, he was extending the back stabilizers and it went down.

I don't think anything broke inside Tana, the leg and other stuff, yep, got some trouble. I am not out there, giving him some space. Just felt the bottle jack engage.

Yep, praying. He is upset, of course, I just went out and told him how lucky we were, Jolly is fine and neither of us were hurt. (well, except for his head. LOL) When I stop shaking I'll remind him again. I'll say one thing, when we do booboos, we do em in fine shape. ??? SIGH

He has it stable. I told him he needed to come in and stop, he is, I hope, cleaning up the tools. I will not utter what his concerns are now, but, he is pretty sure we need some serious tools and knowledge. But it is all speculation at this point.

I have faith in my Maker, I know that sounds silly. But, He did not get hurt, scared the dogs a bit, I did not get hurt, even tho my heart is racing at the moment.

In the end, it will be fine. Or, we drop Tana, rent a uhaul and go home?? There are always options, for creative minds, eh???

If the new leg is damaged as we fear it is, we need another.


June 19th

Most of the tools are stowed away. My heart rate has slowed a bit, yes, I will admit it, it was racing just a L*I*T*T*L*E. DUHHH.

It has been a long day, and now, we need to re-evaluate and come up with a plan.

Have NO stinking idea what it might be tho. Well, since we specialize in dusty blowing in the wind or sea misty plans, something will come up! LOL

** Thus ends the reports and photos from June 18th and 19th.  Next time, June 20th and 21st.


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