Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Reality Day For Jolly, Sunset For Tana

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April 10, 2013

Today was a reality day for Jolly who needed an oil change. It was a rather annoying and trying day for Man and I.

Man called ahead and made an appointment.  We had to drive through some snarky city traffic, 50 miles one way to find a dealer.  Man is rather particular about who touches Jolly.

So, the dealer knew we were coming.  They knew what kind of truck we had.  We drive the 50 miles one way to discover that they were backtracking on changing the oil because Jolly is a dually.  Well, DUH, yes, it is a dually.  At first they claimed they could not get Jolly on a "rack" to change the oil.  After a bit of display of annoyance and dismay at this, and reminding them that we drove FIFTY miles ONE WAY to visit their dealership because of their good internet ratings, they mumbled something about, well, if necessary the mechanic will lay on the ground to change the oil, we will get that oil changed.

Guess they don't sell many dually trucks in this area?  Anywhoooooo, they take Jolly back and Man goes to check and comes back with this photo.  Yep, Jolly got a raise out of it after all.  Trust me, that pole holding up the back end is not the norm.

In the end to appease us, they asked us if Jolly would like a bath.  Man said, ya, that would be nice, then, we learned it would be at least an hour.  Told them to forget it, raised a little angst in the office, were promised 20 minutes.  20 minutes later Jolly appeared looking a lot more shiny and clean than when we arrived.

A frustrating day, what with all the traffic and the surprises at the dealership, but Jolly was clean and had fresh oil and was more than ready to take on the next part of our trip.  He was going to work hard, but, he was ready!

Back at camp we had a beautiful sunset (note, photo only resized, this is how it came out of Sony Too).

Tana even reflected on the beauty of this sunset:


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