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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: San Juan Bautista State Park Museum, San Juan Bautista, California

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April 11, 2013

We approached the Visitor's Center at the San Juan Bautista State Historic Park at closing time.  The ranger on duty was kind enough to let us rush through before she locked up.  No, we did not get to take our time, but, we did get to see it, rushed tho it may be.  So, I fired up Sony Too and we ran through and ya know, we still enjoyed!

A register for the Plaza Hotel, wouldn't you just love finding your ancestor's names on such a register??  I know I would!

Recreated dining area.  On the menu:  Mutton Chops, 40 cents.  Sirlion Steak With Mushrooms, 70 cents.  Oysters, 1/2 doz 40 cents.  Man will have the steak AND the oysters.

Yes, another cubby hole desk.  Not as dramatic as the one on the last post, but, hey, this would do too!

Another Hotel Register.  You may notice, as I did, that this register has been "re-bound" with modern, plastic self binding combs.  Originally, I thought this was an original document, but, now suspect it is a photocopy done for display, retaining the original in a safe place where no further damage can occur.  I hope.

Where the boys spent their evenings, the bar, billiards table, and in the background a card table. Let the games begin - - 

Several wine or spirits kegs, an old photo, a clock, and a flower in the window standing in the bright sunshine, a glowing memory of times past.

Trunks, bonnets, tapestry satchels, I hear stories screaming to be told.  (And, I LOVE the curved topped trunks, I have one at home in the stick built.)

The museum and the entire complex of the San Juan Mission and State Historical Park were delightful, the collections well displayed and they sure covered many subjects.  What a wonderful day!


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