Friday, June 7, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Cambria California

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April 7, 2013

We had driven through the Cambria area twice already this week, and it looked so inviting, we just had to go back.

On the way up we passed through Harmony, see, here is the sign.  Population:  18.  Gotta love that!

Our first stop in Cambria was the Lampton Cliffs County Park, 2.1 acres of SPECIAL!  These stairs take you down to the beach.

Looking north, as always, Mother Nature and her brats amaze me with what they create!

Caught a splash!

We drove around town a bit, had a bite to eat, looked at the neighborhoods, and then went over to the San Simeon Park and Moonstone Beach area where we spent some time just walking and enjoying and shooting a lot of photos (like that is something new??).  Moonstone Beach has an 8,000 foot long board walk, winding along the coast.  Hard to describe it other than "totally delightful".

Looking south:

And, lookie here what we have, harbor seals, brought to you by Sony Too and mega zoom.

Part of the boardwalk, looking north:

I was a bit surprised how "tame" this squirrel was, I took quite a few photos of it, and it pretty much stood there and posed.  When I was preparing this photo for the blog, I realized why he/she was so happy to just wait out that crazy photog.  There is a peanut stuck in the board walk right in front of him. He/she was probably thinking, ok, crazy photog lady, get it over with, my snack awaits!

This guy/gal was no where as near as brazen as the squirrel, not letting me very close and scurrying away once spooked.

Catching splashes and oh, 2 seagulls as well.

A sea of yellow, plant unidentified.

Splash again.

One BIG splash for the finale today.

Our day was not over, we went for a drive in the hills and mountains east and north of Cambria, Man was delighted.  He loves mountains and hills.  I'll take you along, next time - -



Jana Last said...

Moonstone Beach is one of our favorite places to go! Glad you got to enjoy this absolutely gorgeous place.

Those squirrels on the boardwalk are quite bold and will scamper up to people hoping for something to eat.

And Harmony? We've been there too!

Fran Ellsworth said...

Wish I were with you. Awesome pictures... I could feel the spray on my face from the ocean, and the critters were just asking for me to reach out and tough. Love it.

Malia Lane said...

I LOVE the sprays and the squirrels! Thanks for paving the way and letting me know about this. I intend to see it in person next time I'm on the west coast, too!