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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Montaña De Oro California State Park, Near Morro Bay California

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April 6, 2013

RVing/MOC friend Dennis suggested that Man and I visit the Montaña De Oro State Park while we were in the Morro Bay area.  Great suggestion, thanks Dennis.  (Sign photo is a good example of fighting brilliantly bright sun, Jolly's dash and major reflections and glare.  ICK)

As we drove southerly to the park we had a different view of the Morro Rock:

Once in the park, being a bit higher in elevation we got yet another view of Morro Rock and the town of Morro Bay off to the right.

We drove through a forest, which we would later learn was an eucalyptus forest. This eucalyptus forest was planted by Alexander S. Hazard, hoping to grown it as timber.  His plan never worked out for him.

On to Spooner's Cove Beach.  The parking area was quite full, the beach was busy, families having fun and picnics.  The beach is not sand, but, a small gravel.  Here and there poking out from the beach are some great rock formations.

As I am fascinated by land forms, this area really intrigued me.  Look at the different textures, so different.  The rock in the front is smooth and warn, the rock in the background, deeply stratified and sharper in appearance.

Visitors were taking photos, and as has happened more than once, someone asked us to take their photos and then offered to take ours in return.  So, for the second time in just three days, we had our photo taken.  At least I had on my hat and sun glasses again, but, whewie, look at those shirts I am wearing.  OK, so, I was going for comfort not styling.  Oh, voy!  The scenery, however, is breathtaking and splashy!

As soon as I had Sony Too back in my hands, I turned to catching waves!  See how high the waves will splash and can I capture them with Sony Too.  Splash! Capture!

There is an arch.  Love arches. Obviously, so do others.  There was always someone up there investigating and enjoying.

Had to take a panoramic.  I really liked this one.

We saw (and you will see) lots of water, rocks, cliffs and raw beauty up and down the California coast.  I don't believe I would ever tire of it.

On one of our last stops in the park another visitor (human) pointed out this sleeping beauty (???)  It was quite lethargic and yes, this photo is brought to you courtesy of Sony Too's Zoom.  And, yes, it IS a rattler.

So, let's end this post with a pretty photo, not a scary one.  These were growing on the beach at Spooners Cove.  In the middle of all that stone and beach and people, here grew this pale but brave pretty:

After visiting the Montaña De Oro California State Park we drove to San Luis Obispo for a bit of snooping and an early dinner.  Want to know what Man had for dinner that night?  It wasn't seafood - -

*Friend and fellow blogger, Becky Wiseman sorta followed Man and I around California, one month or so after we visited the park, so did she.  Her blog post about her visit is here.   Be sure to snoop around her blog a bit, as she also stopped to see the elephant seals, and drove the California 1.  We see many things the same when we photo them, her photos are wonderful, when I grow up I wanna be a photog just like Becky!


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Becky Wiseman said...

Enjoyed your photos... glad to see you had a nice sunshine-y day for your visit. Thank you for the kind words (and the link back)!