Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, Not Wordless, No Graphics, Just Rambling Along Wednesday

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Today is Wordless Wednesday for many Genea-bloggers.  Linda of Flipside has a lovely photo again today.  I was able to answer Linda's with a photo taken at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, so it fit right in with my series of flora and fauna photos taken at the zoo.   If you know what that plant is, I sure would love to hear from you. 

Yesterday here at Reflections, I wrote about genealogy and it's close relationship with geography.  I was contacted last evening by one of my readers, Anne Marie.  Anne Marie is one of my genie angels, she helps me with some of my Virginia research, frequently passing on wonderful tidbits and hints.  Last night she wrote, asking me to share something with my readers here at Reflections, and her thoughts and ideas, as usual, are spot on.  I am happy to share her feedback with you.

So, Anne Marie, take it away (I have taken the liberty to slightly edit her email):

"Don't forget to also remind folks about that auto complete feature that a lot of new software uses. I've had researchers share things with me that must have used that feature or something similar. What should have come up as "Albemarle Parish Register, Surry Co, Va" ... Would instead turn out as "Albemarle, Virginia or Albemarle Co, Virginia".

I've also seen this happen with Franklin City, Virginia and Franklin County, Virginia being mixed up. This last one caused people to mix two families together that really were not even related.

So please be sure to take the time to check those auto complete lines as it could also lead to problems like you experienced when you have to recheck the work and spend hours in the wrong place."

In case you are wondering what she means by auto complete - - using RootsMagic 3, my data base, as an example.

When I am doing input and adding a place, as I start typing, the auto complete feature kicks in and gives me a suggestion.  If the place I want to add, is the place auto complete suggests, I can save typing clicks, and just accept the suggestion.  Onward, a time saving tool!  Wahhoooo.

However, in my data base, I have the following "Akron" places:
  • Akron, Fulton County, Indiana
  • Akron, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Akron, Plymouth County, Iowa
  • Akron, Summit County, Ohio
  • Akron, Tuscola County, Michigan
It is pretty easy to see, that if I start typing Akron that I have 5 choices (currently) in my data base.  If I am not paying close attention, it is possible to input Akron Fulton County Indiana for say, Akron Tuscola County Michigan, by allowing the auto complete feature to do my thinking and input for me.

Thanks Anne Marie for a great reminder!

Missed a great photo op this AM, young deer, born this year, still some faded spots, having a bit of breakfast at the hydrangea.  Would have been a good photo, standing there with the flower in it's mouth.  Note to Carol, NOW you know why that bush tends to look a tad ragged and does not grow well.  SIGH. And, that is why there is no graphic on this post!


Apple said...

Poor hydrangea!

I love the auto fill feature but I do have to be careful and look at the choices.

Karen said...

I've done that myself. I have a love/hate relationship with auto-complete! Thanks to both of you for the reminder to pay attention.