Friday, September 24, 2010

MOC Rally, Day 2, The Flags

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Short report, Carol had a LONG LONG day.

Up early had to print a dozen handouts for Novice Computer Forum class today, on number 6 ran out of ink.  Figured it would happen, had new cartridge available.

It was close to 90 today, warm and warmer.  Teaching in a tent with those temps was, mmmm, warm, and of course, WARMER.

This class is probably the hardest one for ME to teach that I have tackled.  I would prefer to teach it on a projection screen, but, why bother in the middle of the day in a tent that leaks daylight?  LOL  The subject matter is also detailed and complicated, making it a very long two hours for teach.  Feed back was pretty good, or they lied eloquently!  Thanks to the students for the nice comments.

Spent the afternoon visiting around, taking some photos, more visiting, and then a trip to Elkhart to a sponsored dinner by the rv dealer up there. 

So, ole Carol is a wee bit dehydrated, has discovered the warning on the new Demon (diabetes) meds about the exposure to sunshine is gonna be an issue for me - - aka, I got a bit of sunburn today - - dang.  SIGHH  I am wayy tired, tomorrow is the plant tour, a fav part of the week. 

It was a great day at the Rally!

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Mary said...

Although it sounds like a tiring day it also sounds fun! And today you will be even better as tour the plant(s). Looking forward to hearing all about it.

P.S. probably told you this before but many of my ancestors are from the Goshen/Elkhart area