Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Love Affair With Fort Wayne Continues

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By now, you all know Man and I are quite fond of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. 

Reasons include:
  • The park we stay in while we are in the area, small, close to everything, inexpensive, friendly, and usually quiet (except for emergency sirens and other normal city traffic noise).
  • Man LOVES shopping here, we have gone home from Fort Wayne with at least 2 computer systems, maybe 3, and a variety of other electronics gear.  Not quite sure why he likes it so much, but, since, I have been the beneficiary of said purchases, I just smile, nod and acknowledge his affliction, errrrr, love of shopping Fort Wayne.
  • Man also has been known to get some serious Big Butt and Tana repairs/fixes done here.  He bought tires for Tana here.  When no one, and I mean NO ONE, could tell him why this emergency light came on when Big Butt's engine was hot, etc., he turned in desperation to a dealer down here, and they not only knew the fix, it only took a few minutes and cost less than $20.00.  This trip he had the tires on Big Butt rotated, the Allison transmission fluid changed (at a savings of at least $100.00 over Detroit prices - - mmmmmm, paid for our camping, eh!?!  WAHHOOO) and he had the oil and fuel filter changed on Big Butt, again, at a substantial savings.
  • Allen County Public Library, but you all have read about my love affair with ACPL ('cept those microfilm printers, ohhhh, ick.)
Oh, there have to be more reasons, nice restaurants and friends in the area to list just two.

And, Monday, we added one more really great reason to come and visit Fort Wayne and stay awhile.

Man and I both agreed this is one of the nicest zoos we have visited, nice collection of animals, well displayed, grounds laid out nicely, clean, great flora and landscaping, and since it is a zoo with a mission of teaching children, there are lots and lots of wonderful educational exhibits and signage. 

Man had a grand time reading all the signs, and you know what Carol was doing, TAKING PHOTOS!  Lots, OK, mmmmmm, over 500 of em!  Many don't turn out, all that fencing, and little critters running and jumping and doing what animals and critters do, make for a lot of out of focus shots!  LOL  So, you have no fear, I will not be sharing 500 photos with you.

The photos I will share will be posted over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  They will begin to appear later this week, a few at a time, and only enough words to tell you what they are and maybe a few facts about them.

Mr. Squirrel, or Ms. Squirrel, as it may be (??), is about the only live resident I took a photo of that was not behind fencing or glass.  Remember that I said "live" resident - - stay tuned, over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna in the coming days - - -


Dorene from Ohio said...

You have a good life:)

I so enjoy hearing about your adventures in Fort Wayne!

Barbara Poole said...

You should work for the Ft. Wayne Dept. of Tourism! I wanna go. Looking forward to the zoo photos, they should be entertaining first thing in my morning.

Ron and Thelma said...

Glad you like the Fort as I call it. Having lived there almost my whole life except for the 14 years in springfield Ohio We enjoy the town. Glad to see you.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Oh, yes, I've always wanted to go there, now it's a definite "must go!"