Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MOC Rally, Day 5 and 6, Dedicated To - -

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

(Written, Monday afternoon while I prepare my dish for the pot luck.  Will post Tuesday AM)

Saturday evening (Day 4, I digress just a little), was the Amish dinner.  Hard to describe, fabulous food, prepared and served by a wonderful Amish lady and her family.  Everything was delish, and then there were the deserts!  OHHH, my, heaven on earth!

Day 5 was Sunday, which started out with a pancake breakfast (ya, MORE food!!).  It went very smoothly, and the eats were great.  Thanks to our organizers, they have this activity figured out quite nicely!

Later we went to lunch with one of our friends and told stories and lies and caught up on the grandkids and families.  (Man actually only ordered soup, hard to believe, but, we have filled him up, but, alas, probably only a temporary situation, eh??  LOL)

For Man and I most of the rest of the afternoon was spent quietly in Tana, catching up a bit on rest and other things that needed to be taken care of (life still goes on, bills have to be paid, and all that stuff, even when you are trying to party, errr, Rally down.)  We did wander out for the group photo event and campfire. 

Monday, Day 6, I taught the second class, we had a nice group and introduced some new ideas.  I see where I could actually take the 2 classes and make 4, but - - -

Tonight is the POT LUCK!  MOC has some great cooks, it will be a gourmet delight.  After dinner some of our very talented musicians will entertain us.  I can't wait, I heard the practice session, they are amazing!

This Rally was dedicated to our late Web Master, Glenn Adams.  I prepared the memorial boards with photos of this larger than life grizzly, errr, teddy bear. Glenn dearly loved the MOC and donated hundreds if not thousands of hours to supporting, helping and building the web page that supports the forum. 

Here are the posters, (I apologize for the glare, even tho I did not use the flash)

Rest In Peace my friend.

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Karen said...

Beautiful tribute... He no doubt would be touched!