Saturday, September 25, 2010

MOC Rally, Day 3, A Day of Education

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Today (Friday) we had the plant tour, the girl's driving class and a information presentation on fire safety. 

Since I had taken the girl's driving class several years ago, I was unable to take it again, but, I would, in a heart beat, as a refresher.  Yes, I already drive Big Butt and Tana, but, I still can only go forward.  I have yet to master backing up, and I still have a hankering to do so.  Maybe next year.

The plant tour.  They ask that no photos be posted, and truth, I only took 2 anyway.  We had a great tour guide, and enjoyed his presentation very much.  Every year Montana ups the quality and the goodies on these units.  We see so many changes in the units since we purchased our 2004.  Goodness, we feel like we almost own a dinosaur.

The fire safety class was this afternoon, Al attended most of it, I did a little R & R with the yorks.  The demonstration area was right out side my door, well, almost anyway!  He demonstrated just across the street, so, I wandered over and took some photos.

We had dinner with two other couples, we have discovered that Bob is the supreme chef, my goodness, thank you for sharing.  We so enjoyed sharing our meal, laughs and ALL those cars and trucks driving in and out of the fairgrounds, Bob, you might be right, they were just circling, our own 2010 version of a wagon train! 

Next class I have to teach is on Monday morning, the class I have been having so much trouble writing.  And, no, it is not quite finished.  (Hear those sighs??  Ya, I know you do.)

It was another full and wonderfully exhausting day at the Rally.

Yawn - - -

Looking down a LONG row of Montanas
at the Rally.

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Karen said...

What fun! Saw a Montana on the road last weekend and thought of you - maybe they were headed to the Rally too!