Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stumped Saturday, This is a New One to Me

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The greatest thing about research is that you are always getting surprised, learning something new, finding something totally different, out of the ordinary.

I recently ordered some Social Security Card Number Applications.  I don't order many of those these days, seriously, my genie budget just does not stretch that far.  Usually I order direct line, like parents, grandparents.  I just ordered the form for Man's mother, and when doing so, I realized I had never ordered her father's form.  So, I did so.  Then, because of a brain storm idea (which I will talk about in a future post) I ordered the application for Man's great-aunt.  Here is her application:

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Then as I went to scan this application and link to my data base, I got one of those surprises I mentioned above.  I flipped the document face down and found, THIS, on the back side:

I have to say, I am stumped!  Before the price of ordering these forms went sky high, I used to order a LOTof them, hey, at $7.00 each, they were cheaper than some death certificates, and gave the parents names right from the horses mouth, err, the applicant.  And, I have never seen anything printed on the back of the form like this.

So, fellow readers/bloggers/researchers, if you have ever seen this, and can shed some light on this, please leave comments.  I'm stumped, can you help??


Dorene from Ohio said...

Here is a link to acronyms for MRN, but none seem to fit! Very interesting!

Linda McCauley said...

Carol, Check out Do a find on the page for e/r and you find some info about this form.

Carol said...

Thanks to all that responded, thanks to your leads and some additional snooping on my part, it seems it comes down to the FORM which is a OA-C790. (Geesh, I should have thought to look for a form number, eh, government = form numbers, right?)

Here is a very brief summary of what I found:

Social Security Application Form SS-5 and/or Form OA-C790, both forms basically contain the same information ...