Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Man

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Hmmmm, those 2 candles are part
of the right number, eh??

Just need a few more decades worth on there!

Happy ?2nd Birthday

* And, from Man's mom's affects, I told you she saved everything! Yep, the hospital bill!

** And, just for fun, I found a site online and found out that $1.00 then equals a little over $9.00 now.  She was hospitalized for a good part of 5 days.  There are receipts showing she paid the bill and on the back of one she noted the family members she borrowed money from to pay the bill, and how much each gave her.


IrishEyes said...

Happy Birthday Man! How sweet the photo is. I love the little wooden work bench and hammer. It's really great that Man's mom saved the hospital receipt. How many people can say they still have such a document? I'd love to see mine. Have a great day! Cheers! Jennifer

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Man! What a cute little boy. I don't know what's more amazing - that it only cost $70.47 for a five-day hospital stay, or that she actually GOT a five day hospital stay! lol

Carol said...

Actually, I believe the total bill was $121.77, which included $6.00 of lab fees the day before giving birth. Notice there are two partial payments, one of $21.30, and another of $30.00, then the final amount due of $70.47. But, at $1.00 then to $9.00 now, in today's $$, it would have been about $1,100.00 total bill. Amazing!

No matter, I just love the 5 cent phone bill! WAHHOOOO!! And, delivery - $15.00. Oh, my!

Greta Koehl said...

Five days in the hospital ... wow. Love the picture; I also remember that workbench toy.

Barbara Poole said...

My comments would have been like the others, if I had written sooner. But, looking at this again, I simply love your husband's picture and that his mother Did save everything.

hummer said...

I am late, but Happy Belated Birthday to Man. I second all of the above. ; )