Friday, September 3, 2010

Back Up Day, The WHOLE Day Long, Whew!

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Written 10 P.M. on Thursday the 2nd.
Many GeneaBloggers back up data and programs and blogs and stuff on the 1st of each month.  I did mine this month on the 2nd.  ALL DAY LONG.  I refuse to count the number of hours I spent backing up and reorganizing files today, wouldn't want to scare you off. 

I started out backing up files I know I have changed recently.  Next thing I knew I was deleting a bunch of files from my external hard drive.  Then I organized a lot of photo files, renaming, and deleting a lot of shots that were blurry and/or duplicates.  Then, I deleted MORE files, and on, and on.

I believe I deleted close to 160 gigs of data from the external hard drive today. Tomorrow, (which will really be today, the 3rd) Man is going to defrag the external hard drive for me, and I think while he is at it, I might have him do one on the C drive of the Baby HP as well (that is my computer, the Baby HP).  All that moving, renaming, and deleting of files has to have those hard drives full of holes that need scrunching.

I believe my eyes might be crossed, but, I feel pretty good about the organization that I accomplished.  Now, I need to find some CD's and burn them with data and photos found last week at the Allen County Public Library and mail them off to a couple of gals.  But, not tonight at 10 P.M.  Right now, I am gonna take a pain killer of some kind, find my book, grab the yorks and head for a flat sleeping surface!   Man has already called it a day, while I was moving files, he was ripping down the railings on the front porch.  Whew!

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Mary said...

Sounds like a VERY productive day = good for you! Hope you slept well after all that and come back ready to write more great posts.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Good work! I'm exhausted myself from reading this - probably because I've been there done that a time or two myself. Although I don't think I've ever managed to delete 160 gig...WOW!