Monday, September 20, 2010

Trucking Through Hillside Cemetery

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The Graveyard Rabbits carnival for October 2010 has a theme of  "An Occupation Or Hobby Memorialized in Stone."

One of the cemeteries Mary and I walked earlier this summer is Hillside Cemetery, near Addison, Lenawee County, Michigan.  We visited several times, and I took photos each time.  One visit I took 53 photos, some stones I took more than one photo, so, lets say I photographed 40 stones.  When, I read this challenge, I knew immediately where I would pull my photos from and I knew my main focus would be 18-wheeler trucks.  However, on review of these 40 some stones I found one for a musician, see my Tombstone Tuesday post.  There is one that had birds for the lady and a University of Michigan emblem for the gentleman, at least 3 with deer and/or woods, one for a fireman and two beautiful stones showing a farm, one of those even has the farm house.  I'll be sharing those with you in the weeks to come, so come back and visit.

We live in a rural farming community, oh, there is some industry, but, when I drive around our county what I see are farms.  Lots of corn and soybeans are grown here.  We are so rural here that in our entire county there is not one stretch of road, no matter how short, that you can legally drive over 55 MPH.  No super highways here.

So, it does not surprise me to see farm tractors and farms and deer and woods on headstones here.  That said, I don't believe I have seen a lot of 18-wheelers depicted, and I found three in one small area of this cemetery.  And, here they are:

On the door of the cab is inscribed:
Howie + Mary

On the trailer is inscribed:

The trailer on this unit could haul grain or gravel.

Thanks to Diane Wright, who authors these GYR blogs: The Wright Graveyard Stew, and  the Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright, who submitted this topic.


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lindalee said...

These were super Carol. I have photographed literally thousands of tombstones for FindaGrave and have NEVER seen one with a truck on it.....yet alone three. Great find!!!