Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Your Most Unique Ancestral Name

Randy over at Genea-Musings has his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge up, this time it is "Your Most Unique Ancestral Name".  Here is the challenge:

"What is the most unique, strangest or funniest combination of given name and last name in your ancestry? Not in your database - in your ancestry."

Hmmmm, Moi contemplates. Unique, strangest or funniest name, in combo. I walked around the house for quite a while thinking bout this challenge. Then I remembered for a number of years the WO’s kept a list of oddities in names, some were really the true names, others were the hysterical results of someone who had trouble indexing. So, I grabbed the WO’s list and extracted a few that I suspect (or knew) were my contributions:

Evril Cedorah Sherman Conyers (real person on my data base, a lady);

Farnie Lee Sutton (real person on my data base, male, died a suspicious death, of “Suicide drowning" while in the local lockup);

Sardine Stowe (have no idea where we came up with this one);

Dimple Lashbrook (not recorded on my data base, but, I do have LOTS of Lashbrooks);

Strange Eley (another one of my surnames);

Euphronius Seeds (related, he is a first cousin 4 times removed, and reportedly died during the Civil War);

Effa Cupp (yep, in my data base, sorta linked, via marriages to Mary Lovely, AKA MOMM, who was mentioned the other day here at Reflections From the Fence);

Urban Hughes Moffitt (yep, again, in my data base);

Puss Darden (oh, please, lets not even go there!)

In reviewing the WO’s list, I have to admit that some of these are hard to believe we found, and I am gonna borrow just a few more (not mine, but other WO's submissons) to use as examples.  We found a Manless Hunt (male), Henry Flushole, Bland Stone (female), Early Snow (no idea), and of course, the ever popular, Fanny Rash.

Then I realized Randy said IN YOUR ANCESTRY. Well, dang, more contemplating, thinking, I don’t have any?? So I go to the data base and I study an ancestral chart, 20 generations back. Found: Exum Eley, I even have an Elizabeth Gambling and a Thomas Lear. And that is about the best I can pull out of Moi’s ancestral charts.

Randy, if I stick to the guidelines you set out, I flunked this challenge. So, I gotta ask (tongue in cheek, of course) - - - - - - - -

But, I had fun with the challenge, and reviewing the WO’s “Guide to Screwed Up Names...”


Mel said...

I wonder how the heck they came up with the name Effa Cupp! LOL

lindalee said...

I love the Hughes one....LOL from Linda Hughes Hiser at Flipside