Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Observances, Wallace Washingon Stow

Wallace Washington Stow or Stowe was reportedly born on October 19, 1855 in Delaware County, Iowa to David H. Stow and his wife Betsy Clark.  (Stated as "reportedly", as I have no birth record for Wallace, family tradition supplies the information.) 

Wallace married Sarah Ann Stuart, daughter of Charles Stuart (also found spelled Stewart) and his second wife Margaret Ann Sharp.)

Wallace reportedly died on April 1, 1933 and is reportedly buried at Graceland Cemetery, Webster City, Hamilton County, Iowa.  (Have no death record or verification from the cemetery that he is buried there.)

Wallace and Sarah had two children, Ray R. Stow (1882 to 1949) and Grace Althea Stow (1890 to 1968)  Ray married Rekah Johnson, of whom we know little.  Grace married Frank Arthur Waitman (1888 to 1972). 

Some of the family research that has been so graciously shared with me over the years concerning this family had physical descriptions of many of the family members, Wallace was descibed as "a small man with a light complection." *

Wallace, Ray, Grace and Sarah Stow **

Spelling Don't Count: 

Wallace's father's name is spelled as Stow in our data base.  Marriage record of Wallace and Sarah has name spelled as Stow, however the index to marriages for Hamilton County has the name spelled Stowe***.  Ray's World War I Draft Registration has the name spelled as Stow.  On Grace's death certificate, her father's name is given as Stow, and her mother's maiden  name is spelled Stewart.  However, we have Wallace's surname recorded as Stowe in the data base and on the 1910 census enumeration report.

Spelling Don't Count.

*  Libbie Jaquis Ressler, compiler, "Record Book of Stuart, Lashbrook and Jaquis Families" (:, 1923)

** Photo courtesy of  Helen Gallmeyer DeWitt and Janet Jaquis Barnes.

*** Iowa Genealogical Society, compiler, "Hamilton County, Iowa, Early Marriage Records, 1857-1899" (Des Moines, Iowa: Iowa Genealogical Society, May 1983)


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