Friday, October 30, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy, 83rd Edition—Musical Instruments

The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: Musical Instruments! Do you play a musical instrument or did one of your family members? What instrument did you or they play? ... Thanks to Janet Iles, over at Janet the Researcher, for sponsoring this blog topic.

Between Man and Moi, we actually have a number of musicians. They have played piano, organ, ukelele, autoharps, flute, drums, trumpets and more. My mother, actually could play any instrument except the bass fiddle, her fingers could not hold down those heavy strings. Man’s grandparents played at barn dances and barn raisings, she played the piano and harmonica, he the accordion.

If you start with my mother, we have 4 generations that have played some instrument. My mother, as stated, could play anything, cept that fiddle, and she taught high school band. I played a number of instruments and have some photographic proof of same, piano, organ, flute, bass drum, bells, cymbals, gave a short try at viola and oboe. Our sons played instruments. Son # 1 played trumpet and marched in the band. Son # 2 also played trumpet and marched in the band. He also plays the keyboard. Son # 3 studied drums for a short time (thank goodness for those electronic drum pads and headphones, he could bang and we did not hear a thing!).

Now the fourth generation comes along, L & M are taking piano lessons. Here they are performing at their very first piano recital, February 2009. They had been taking lessons for only about one half of a year, we were amazed how well they did.

The family tradition of playing an instrument continues, as grandparents we are pleased as punch.

* Top photo is M, bottom is L. Yep, they are twins.


Anonymous said...

Oh-Oh Dennis says now we know. He expects a recital from you at the next rally. I already told him what you said!!!


Carol said...

Who said I could STILL play?? LOL

Get Terrie and we will do a concert with the new lap harps!

lindalee said...

How cute and how proud you must be grandma Carol. I flunked flutaphone back in elementary musical talent came my way...ha ha

Jasia said...

Wow! You sure tried your hand at a lot of instruments!

There's no doubt that musical talent runs in your family. I envy you that!

Drum Kits said...

Really man you have a family full of artist you should be really proud of yourself.