Monday, October 12, 2009

Appleumpkin Festival 2009, The Fur Kids

The fur kids of all sizes and makes come out in search of the Appleumpkin.  There are always a lot of fur kids attending this festival, here are a few, missed a great looking dalmation that strolled by while changing the camera batteries.

Above:  Isn't this just the sweetest face?

Above:  Saw these two gentle well behaved kids several times during the day.

From the large to the small:

This is not a maltese, and it is not spoiled or loved much either.  LOL

A whole basket full of fur:

No, not real puppies.  Saw these, then 1 minute later saw the cutie above. 
I think I like the cutie above better, how bout you?

And, my favorite of the day, because of her story.

This darling little girl is a long haired chiwawa. She was rescued from a home this past summer.  You can see the story here.  This little girl (on the left) was adopted just 2 weeks ago and is making a great adjustment to her new home.  She is about a year old and gets along very well with her older brother.  Older brother had just lost 2 siblings.  While Man and I stood and chatted with the gentleman who owned them she was attentive, but not one bit nervous or skittish. She looked like she had been riding in her stroller for ever, obviously she knew good thing when she found it.  She is a very lucky little girl, she picked a nice new home to live in.  (If you click on her photo it will open in a larger window and you can see her face better, remember to click your back button to return to Relections From the Fence.)

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