Friday, October 9, 2009

Lists, befuddling necessities of life

Lists, cannot live without em, but can’t find em either.

OKKKK, Man and I spent a great deal of time today running errands, LOTS and LOTS of errands. We had our lists, he had one, no, make that two sheets of paper with lists, I had one.

All in all we did pretty good, we got propane bottle exchanged, had lunch, mailed some books at the post office, filled prescriptions, studied blood pressure machines while waiting. We went to the bank, found guitar picks for the new lap harp (I had that black one one minute and that stinker went MIA the next). Seeing that there are no music stores in the county seat city, I was kinda proud of myself to have actually found picks in said town.

Man got replacement bulbs for his desk light that went pop 2 days ago, he has been complaining about the lack of lumins since. I got some warm cuddly socks for my cold tootsies.

We looked at I-pods. Friend Terrie has one, the touch one, with some very cool add on software programs. One is really neat , you have this sensor in your Niki shoe and it tells you how far you have walked, how fast, how long. Very cool stuff. Course you have to have kinda expensive Niki shoes for this application to work, minor detail, eh?? Appeals to the techy in me, but of course. So, we looked, and now we contemplate.

Anyway, done with the I-pod investigations, we started in on the grocery shopping portion of the lists. All three pieces of paper had grocery items on it. One piece had the long fancy smancy name of dishwasher stuff that Man likes (he does dishes while we are stick built bound, and I do them in Tana, so he gets to be picky about his dishwasher soap choices.)

During the grocery shopping portion, I “misplace” my list. I find it. Whew. I take Man’s list, the long one, not the one page with the dishwasher soap listed, cause he did not give it to me. I check off and purchase everything on our combined lists. We shop long and hard, we pack it all into the car, drive home, tired, but pretty pleased with our selves. TILL - - - -

About an hour after we get home, Man asks, did we get the dishwasher soap? I believe he knew the answer before he asked. No, we DID NOT! He is looking at his long list, the one I used while shopping. It did not have the dishwasher soap listed. So, where was that sheet of paper with the fancy smancy name of the dishwasher soap?? In his pocket.

Lot of good that did us, what good is a list when it is hiding in your pocket? Course it might help to use larger sheets of paper for said lists, but, believe me, that has not kept us from losing them in the past. We are perfectly capable of losing a 8" X 11" sheet of paper, as well as the small 3" X 4" variety.  Yep, lists, cannot live without em, but can’t find em either. Slippery little devils, aren’t they??

*More can be found about the Nike plus system and the Ipod here.

**The Cascade image was found on the internet.

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