Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ancestor Birthday Celebrations, Peter Preston Holsinger, Civil War Veteran

Peter Preston Holsinger was born October 6, 1837 in Rockingham County, Virginia, the son of John Holsinger and his wife Delila.  (Delila was either a Spitzer or a Cowan, research has failed to proved either maiden name.)

On October 21, 1860, Peter married Anna Catherine Spitzer, with whom he had 1 child.  Research has not shown us much more about Anna, her son was born just after the outbreak of the Civil War. 

Peter himself served during the Civil War, enlisting on March 1, 1862.  His compiled service records show that he served in Company H, 12th Calvary, Virginia.  According to his obituary, "He was twice captured and once wounded, serving 18 months in prison at Fort Delaware. Upon one occasion, he had his horse shot from beneath him."

Peter took as his second bride, Mary A. Kessler on Januay 16, 1866 in Rockingham County, Virginia.  Peter and Mary had 6 known children, their last born daughter, Louella Virginia, died before her 3rd birthday.

Peter and Mary are buried side by side at the Linville Brethren Church Cemetery, Broadway, Rockingham County, Virginia.

Peter was my great great grandfather .

*Photo courtesy of Paul G. Holsinger, M. D., in his work, Descendants of David Holsinger of Virginia, published in 1969.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I am researching my family history and think Peter Preston would be my 4th great grandfather. His daughter Ida Catherine married Alfed J Yates who's son was Miller Owen Yates who's son was Alfred F Yates (my grandfather).
Could you please verify Ida Catherine was Peter Preston's daughter?

Carol said...

Yes, you have the relationships correct. I have Miller Owen on my data base, I probably have more about the line that is NOT on my data base than is ON my database.

Suggest you try to find a copy of the work by Paul G. Holsinger, as noted in the original blog.

Glad to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply. Where do I go o get to the original blog? Also, do you know if Peter Preston's father was John? and John's father Peter and Peter's father Michael?
I am trying to become a member of the DAR through Michael Holsinger.

Carol said...

Tara, you are reading the original blog, there is a post script of sorts, very last line, that has name of book.

Peter's father is one John. Most of my work past John is from the book, I do have a few marriage records, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I am still on my way researching Holsinger ancestors and being a memeber of the daughters of the american revolution. I would like to know if you have a copy of the marriage license of John Holsinger and Delila Cowan: married 3 november 1836? If so, I wanted to know if I could have a copy emailed to me: tara204@comcast.net
thank you again for all your help.

Carol said...

Copy coming at cha via email. Good luck in your continued research.