Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday, The Pot Bellied Stove

This pot bellied stove (with FAKE venting pipe, it's just for show folks!) belonged to David Halterman (1876-1965).  He used it to warm one of his chicken houses on the family farm near Bergton, Rockingham County, Virginia.

Right is a closer view of the stove.  I cleaned it with stove black many years ago.

Below in front is an old iron and a trivit to place that hot iron on.  The iron had to be heated by placing it on a stove.  There is also a handle to remove the stove lid on the top of this stove.   The log slice is a remembrance of the tree that wanted to fall the wrong way, which, just happened to be, towards Man and Moi.  I brought it in the house as a reminder to be careful out there with a chain saw and falling trees!

*David is my great-grandfather, I have previously posted about his wife, Ida Matilda Whitmer Halterman and her (?) snuff can.


GrannyPam said...

Nice stove, Carol. How nice that you have it.

lindalee said...

WOW....nice treasure. It looks like new. You must have put some elbow grease into that cleaning.