Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday, Mary A Lashbrook

Mary A. Lashbrook was born October 20, 1857 in Illinois and died there on February 20, 1858.  Her birthday is surmised from the death date and age on her tombstone.  Her parents were Moses Lashbrook and Mary Lovely (Mary Lovely's surname is in question and we could write an entire book on Mary Lovely alone.  We have dubbed her Mary of Many Marriages, MOMM for short.  Stay tuned for future posts, we surely will chat about MOMM.)

Mary A. Lashbrook, the subject of this post was buried at the Jerome Cemetery, Harvard, Dunham Township, McHenry County, Illinois.


TennLady said...

1958 or 1858?

Carol said...

1858, Typo, thanks for catching it!