Sunday, October 11, 2009

Appleumpkin Festival 2009

Applewhat???  Appleumpkin, a fall festival with a catchy name.

Any good festival worth its name has lots and lots of vendors.  This one does too.  Crafts and artists, galore.  Need Dish?? Saw several vendors if you do.  Even was present, a group that builds homes for our disabled veterans.

And, ya GOTTA have a way to vent frustrations and destroy cars, all in the name of charity, but of course.

And of course, lots and lots of food, ya, there is Man, ordering food.  We actually split a pulled pork sandwich, mmmmmm good.

This year there was even a magician, must have been a good trick, the young lady (to the left, just can see her face) has that look of amazement and delight on her face.

A local resident??

There were lots of carnival rids, music and entertainment.  A ride to the local apple orchard will delight with more vendors, craftsmen, and to die for apple goodies, betcha can smell the cinnamon and apples now, can't ya??

*Stay tuned for the fur kids of Appleumpkin

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Karen said...

Randy's BBQ? That's not your standard pulled pork... YUM!