Monday, October 26, 2009

RV Driving Rules

Rule 1, Do NOT back up RV’s without a spotter.

Rule 2, RV’s, especially 5th wheels, need a lot of room to make turns, LONG LONG wide turns.

Rule 3, Long RV’s, especially 5th wheels, swing in the rear, you must allow for said swing.

So, why am I lecturing tonight?? Because someone did a nasty to our Tana today, because that someone did not follow any of these rules, especially Rule 1!

OK, I admit, I am ticked off, very very ticked off. Now those that know me, will realize that I am a lot more than ticked off, they know how passionate I am about things, and how over the top passionate I am about Tana. I know, it is just a thing, and things can be fixed, but, my emotional bond to Tana is more than that. She is more than just a thing to me. Nope, not as important as my Man, my kids, my grandkids, my yorkies, but, right in line after that. Yea, I even put Tana before the stick built house. I love my Tana.

SOOOO, we drop her off this AM for her brakes to be checked. We hope to travel some in the west in the next 6 months, and may see a mountain or two and her brakes have been squealing. Time for a check.

Man asks the business owner, do you want me to back her in?? Nope, says business owner, we do it all the time, we can get it.

So, we leave Tana, go have a quick breakfast, run some errands and return to see how Tana is doing. Her tires are all on and it looks as if she is ready to go home,

CEPT for this!

Yep, our business man drove and backed up Tana without a spotter. In truth, the damage is rather minimal, he did not destroy the back end cap, he did not pull the end cap off. He claims he will pay for the damage, but, I guess he was a bit surprised when he heard the bill will come to over $1,000.00. Two of the first places we called or stopped at could not do the repair, the one we left Tana at, not only could do the repair, but they specialize in fiberglass repair and were willing to squeeze us in and do the repair immediately.

We are questioning in our minds if this business man did in fact, adjust Tana’s brakes?? Will he really pay the repair bill?? We have some photos, we have a claim number, we did not get more than one estimate, we were happy to find anyone that can fix her.

As a very dear friend of mine says, "It is what it is!"

That is true, but idiot business man, YOU DON’T BACK UP WITHOUT A SPOTTER! Hope you learned your lesson!

*If you are wondering why the big hurry to get Tana's end cap fixed, we are working very hard towards a departure date of November 9th.  We hope to be outta Dodge before the snow flies.  So, as they say, stay tuned.


TennLady said...

Yeah, I would be ticked off too. Bad enough when you are responsible for the damage, but someone else who should know better, that hurts.

lindalee said...

Well, now I get it! I think I would be pis@ed too! And you are back on the road again...where to now?

Anonymous said...

Wow Carol, that's just terrible! I know how important your Tana is to you! I can't blame you for being upset even though it can be fixed. It is a big hassle to say the least. Let's hope this guy does the right thing and pays up!


Greta Koehl said...

Ack! It sounds like you are attached to your Tana the way I am to "New Hotness" (my CRV which my older daughter thinks is her CRV but it is really mine). Hope the doofus pays.

Karen said...

Ouch! Can't imagine how it must have hurt when you first saw it. Hope he follows through with his promise to pay.