Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking for Oil, WHERE???

Got a letter in the snail mail a bit ago, announcing that they would be doing seismic testing on our road.  Say what???  So, Moi gets on the phone and gives this company a little jingle.  I am informed they are looking for oil or gas and this is the preliminary test for same.  Interesting.

Today when Man returned from a short visit with his mom, he tells me to go have a little lookie see out by the road, here is part of what I saw, lines stretched from lot line to lot line, over 350ish feet, and on down the road for who knows how far.  Man, they must have a lot of plugs and cords, eh??

A few hours later, here come the trucks (there were 3 of these):

Here is a close up shot of that seismic thingy:

That big square thing protruding from the bottom of the truck does some fancy dancy vibration stuff which they they monitor and record something or other from.  If they get "favorable" readings, they come back with more sensitive equipment.

Man tells me he could feel the vibrations when he walked out in the road to talk to one of the dudes holding the "Stop/Slow" signs.

Our burning question is, but of course, WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY REALLY FIND OIL OR GAS??  Do they just come on our property and plop down an oil well??

And, who has enough $$ to fund such a search??  There were 3 trucks and drivers and at least two traffic controller types, and this was a SUNDAY???  Do they get overtime??

No, I don't think we own the mineral rights on our 4.9 acres.  Another interesting day living in the country.

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lindalee said...

So you might just become a wealthy oil or gas baron? Cool